The Crash of 2019
Is Coming

Jeff Clark

On May 22, the man who called the 2008 crisis will
publicly predict the exact day stocks could crash in 2019…
And how it could either destroy your savings—or make you
a fortune, if you’re ready.

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DATE: Wed, May 22
8:00 PM ET

WHERE: Private website
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GIVEAWAY: How to double your money 10 times during the crash

Dear Reader,

If you’re worried about a market crash…

Circle May 22nd on your calendar—because that night, the man who predicted the 2008 crash will reveal the EXACT DAY stocks could plummet in 2019…

And why it’ll take shape as a unique type of crisis that 99% of Americans will never see coming, which could either destroy your life savings, or potentially make you a fortune, if you’re ready.

Jeff Clark

Jeff Clark, former $200 million
Silicon Valley money manager

Who Is Jeff Clark?

  • Predicted 2008 crisis eight months before it happened.

  • Self-made multimillionaire who refused 9 different Wall Street job offers to manage his clients’ money at a boutique fund.

  • Won MVP in 2008 at one of America’s best-known financial research firms for his crash performance. (You could have doubled your money 10 different times with his technique that year.)

  • Developed curriculum for an MBA school.

  • Retired at age 42 “with all the money I need.”

Snapshot of His Performance

  • 170% in 18 days
    on PF Chang’s
  • 100% in 6 days
    on iShares Lehman
  • 129% in 11 days
    on Countrywide
  • 147% in 26 days
    on Panera Bread
  • 109% in 15 days
    on Johnson & Johnson
  • 100% in 2 days
    on Glamis Gold
  • 106% in 2 days
    on Glamis Gold
  • 150% in 4 days
    on Toll Brothers
  • 200% in 29 days
    on Ford
  • 137% in 14 days
    on Wynn
  • 177% in 23 days
    on Amazon
  • 128% in 17 days
    on Massey
  • 132% in 2 days
    on Gold Miners Fund (first half)
  • 197% in 35 days
    on Encore Wire
  • 132% in 6 days
    on OmniVision
  • 100% in 36 days
    on Presstek
  • 122% in 5 days
    on QQQQ
  • 204% in 17 days
    on D.R. Horton
  • 233% in 13 days
    on D.R. Horton
  • 211% in 3 days
    on Citigroup
  • 100% in 8 days
    on Seabridge Gold
  • 104% in 7 days
    on Semiconductor HLDRs
  • 122% in 17 days
    on EMC
  • 154% in 5 days
    on Yamana Gold
  • 100% in 29 days
    on Tesoro
  • 100% in 10 days
    on CROX
  • 140% in 2 days
    on Palomar
  • 100% in 2 days
    on Petroleo Brasileiro
  • 250% in 14 days
    on Silver Wheaton
  • 100% in 7 days
    on Microsoft
  • 144% in 16 days
    on Barrick Gold (second half)
  • 125% in 37 days
    on Invesco
  • 131% in 17 days
    on iShares Silver Trust
  • 179% in 32 days
    on Newell Brands
  • 117% in 14 days
    on Bed, Bath and Beyond
  • 100% in 37 days
    on Cameco
  • 139% in 4 days
    on Target
  • 144% in 23 days
    on U.S. Natural Gas Fund
  • 127% in 2 days
    on AdTran
  • 173% in 13 days
    on Teva Pharmaceuticals

Praise for Jeff Clark

“My returns are averaging over 100%. I have not lost money on a single transaction yet.” —Shawn M.

“On numerous occasions, I’ve made over $10K in a few days.” —Tim K.

“I made $5,000 in a single day.” —Neil S.

“I made 1,017% in less than 48 hours. WOW. Jeff is a king in my book.” —J.F.

“Just thought I’d ring Jeff Clark’s bell! I bought and sold for 147% gain. Jeff, come to dinner in Texas, I owe you a Big Steak!” —Sharen K.

“Without question, the best moneymaking advice I’ve ever had. I’ve made $12,000 profit in 2 1/2 months.” —John G.

“My portfolio has increased by $250,000.” —William D.

“I made 134% in one day.” —John H.

“I made $9,000 in 6 days on one trade… and $4,500 in 11 days on another.” —Kenneth P.

“Jeff, I have not had a loss yet. The annual ROIs range from 1,947.5% to 4,692.9%!!!! Simply stated, these are OUTSTANDING RESULTS.” —Tom S.

“I made $220 on your quick play today. I’m a fireman… $220 is a good payday.” —Rich B.

“Thanks, Jeff. I made $26,000 in two weeks with little risk in my IRA account.” —David B.

“Mr. Clark can sure call the market. Bought his recommendation during lunch on Tuesday and had doubled my money by lunch on Wednesday!” —Tim E.

“California property taxes on my vineyard are too high, but now in the bank. Paid for with one position [238% gains in 13 days.]” —Henry M.

“Bought on Friday and sold today for $3k profit in 2 days.” —Adam K.

“I have played the market for many years and have experienced terrific success and witnessed others make extraordinary calls but I must admit, I have NEVER seen something this good. Thank you!” —Mike H.

“I happened to be at my computer at 10:38 when you suggested buying GDX at $41.60. Thanks for the suggestion, as I am up almost 100%.” —Peter G.


“I made 8K in less than 24 hours.” —Denny T.

“JEFF CLARK is ‘DA MAN’. Just made $1100.00 profit in two days after fees.” —John H.

“I have made over $20,000 and just wanted to express my gratitude to you and to let you know that the knowledge you share is making a difference in other people’s lives.” —Laura B.

“Thanks Jeff. I pocketed a net total profit of $12,338.17 in 14 days.” —Moe A.

“The last three months I have made over $8000 while my portfolio has pretty much been on hold.” —Robert T.

“I closed out today (as per your instructions) for a net 150%. Well done. There’s cold beer in the icebox tonight.” —Ian D.

“Earlier this month I bought SLW at $3.04 and sold it within 2 weeks slightly below its peak at $6.20. That’s a little better than a double. Thank you Jeff, that was beautiful!” —Steven D.

“I am proud to say I handled the year of 2008 perfectly. Everything I have learned in the markets in my three year investing career (I’m 26), I put to use last year and you both inspired me and guided me when I needed it. I finished up more than 100%.” —Andrew D.

“In a year [2008] that I suffered like everyone else in the stock market, Jeff’s picks and guidance were great. In 2008 I made profits of $37, 644. This was across 19 round trip transactions covering a period from 1/8/2008 to 12/30/2008.” —William G.

“Thanks to Jeff Clark I turned a $5,600 low risk investment into $17,000 in just two days. 300+% gain! Unbelievable! Nice call Jeff.” —Anthony I.

“YTD I’m up @700% on my account.” —Art H.

“In the slaughter of 2008 my accounts crashed and burned. With Jeff’s help I now have over $700,000 in my accounts.” —Wesley L.

“Jeff Clark is in the top 10 of people alive or dead whom I’d most like to have dinner with. His insight is almost clairvoyant.” —D.K.

His name is Jeff Clark.

He’s a former $200 million Silicon Valley money manager who’s predicted—and taken advantage of—more market moves than anyone else we know of…

And famously… you could have DOUBLED YOUR MONEY 10 different times after Jeff called the 2008 crisis on January 13th, 2008.

On May 22nd, Jeff will brief you on exactly how the coming crash will unfold…

And why a single play today could make you a fortune in the weeks and months leading up to the crash, in a way you’ll never see mentioned by The Wall Street Journal, CNBC… or anywhere else.

Jeff will show you why the coming crisis isn’t just “doom-and-gloom.”

For most folks who only buy and hold conventional investments, there’s no question it could be devastating.

But by using the instructions Jeff will be sharing on May 22nd, it could create a once-in-a-decade opportunity for you to make more money in just a single year than you’ve made over the entire 10-year bull market.

Jeff will reveal 5 warning signs almost nobody in the financial media is talking about right now, and why today’s market is eerily similar to 2008’s…

…which companies are on the verge of bankruptcy…

…the surprising name of a household-name company that could crash by 70% or more (which you might be holding right now)…

And even better, Jeff will publicly share a 5-minute shortcut to using the technique he’s been using for 30 years, which could help you double your money 10 different times as the crash unfolds.

This online event is free to watch on May 22nd, but a reservation is required.

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Public Warning on May 22nd

Even if you don’t believe the market will crash in 2019…

We urge you to attend Jeff’s emergency briefing on May 22nd to see why you could be making one of the costliest mistakes of your life.

Few people listened to Jeff back in January 2008, when he warned about the top of the market coming… and announced, “It looks like the Bear is on the hunt… and I couldn’t be happier.”


But sure enough, stocks went on to plummet that year… and here’s just a snapshot of the gains Jeff found as a result…

And few people listened to Jeff when he predicted a gold crash back in August 2011.


But sure enough, gold fell and hasn’t recovered since. And Jeff showed a 267% gain in 8 days on SPDR Gold Shares… a 100% gain in 22 days on Seabridge Gold… a 109% gain in 14 days on Barrick Gold, and dozens more.

In fact, Jeff predicted the 2005 gold correction... the 2011 gold crash… the August 2015 market correction… the January 2016 market correction... the 2016 gold boom… the December 2018 mini-crash… the January 2019 market bounce… and more.

Along the way, folks who follow Jeff’s technique have had the chance to make a killing…

For example, we heard from a lawyer who lost so much money from the 2008 crash that he had just $170,000 left in his portfolio. Then he heard about Jeff and made $480,000 with Jeff’s technique.

Jaro G. made $500,000.

In fact, Jeff’s performance in the 2008 crash was so impressive that he was invited onto CNBC that year.

But Jeff REFUSED to appear on their program…

One of the reasons his technique is so effective is that almost nobody on Wall Street can anticipate the unique shape that always occurs during the biggest market drops… which Jeff is an expert at spotting.

And he intends to keep it that way.

That’s why, for the past 30 years, Jeff has REFUSED 9 different Wall Street job offers… including from Merrill Lynch and Paine Webber.

Instead, for decades, he only ever shared his technique with a list of 100 clients at his former boutique money management firm in San Francisco, including a VP at Chevron, entrepreneurs at top startups, and more.

One account he handled was worth $20 million. Another, $30 million.

He made them millions of dollars more in profit… with such success that Jeff decided to retire at age 42 to spend more time with his family.

One former client made $180,000 a year for a decade.

“No matter whether the stock market is moving up or down, Jeff somehow manages to find a strategy that works. He has produced exceptional returns,” wrote another former client, the president of a major company.

But even if you’re not interested in PROFITING from a crash… tune in on May 22nd and jot down the exact date in 2019 Jeff believes you’ll wake up to absolute bloodshed in the markets…

As Ron P. once said:

“[I saw Jeff’s warning:] Get Out Fast. I could see the bleeding and I got out on Tuesday the 24th. He is brilliant and he just saved me lots of money. Tell him to keep that crystal ball of his in a safe place. We may need it again!”

Reserve your free spot now—and tune in on May 22nd for the EXACT DAY Jeff believes the market could crash…

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Best chance for 10-baggers in 2019

But here’s the best part of Jeff’s prediction…

This year alone, you could have already doubled your money 4 different times by using Jeff’s technique… even during the ongoing bull market.

That’s because the technique Jeff will be sharing with you on May 22nd could help you potentially double or triple your money… on even the SMALLEST moves in the market.

For example, just last month, Dropbox (DBX) took a dip in the stock market… which most people ignored.

But Jeff was ready…

He applied his technique… waited for a unique pattern few other people saw coming… and on April 25th, he logged a 100% gain in just 23 days.

That doubles your money in less than a month… on a tiny move in a single stock during a healthy market.

That’s why, once the Crash of 2019 comes along, Jeff predicts you’ll have the chance to make 5 to 10 times your money, on multiple occasions, as stocks make huge moves very quickly in the ensuing bloodbath.

So consider this…

If you can double your money on just a 10% move in Dropbox… just imagine how much money you could make when the market goes haywire this year?

As Greg R. emailed us about using Jeff’s technique: “We’ve made over $100,000 in two months.”

Tim D. wrote, “I’ve doubled my money ten times.”

That’s why we’re airing a first-of-its-kind online emergency event on May 22nd at 8 PM ET with Jeff Clark, to help you prepare for the coming crash…

Jeff Clark and Amber Mason

It’s called The 2019 Crash Summit.

Join Legacy Research executive publisher Amber Mason in a behind-the-scenes look at why Jeff’s technique has been so successful…

How he’s been able to predict so many market moves with such accuracy…

Where he believes the market is going next this summer…

Why Jeff is looking forward to the crash, and more… including:

To reserve your spot, simply enter your email address:

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Which brings us to…

Your 3 BONUSES for tuning in on May 22nd at 8 PM ET

Jeff Clark has never been more worried about a crash…

He thinks that tens of millions of Americans could be blindsided by the unique crisis he says is coming to the stock market…

“You can either stand by and do nothing, and potentially lose everything. Or you can set yourself up to profit, and think of this coming crash as Christmas.”

That’s why, to spread his message as far as possible, he’s agreed to give you 3 BONUS training videos just for signing up for your FREE spot today…

It would normally cost you $2,500 to access the content in these videos…

But if you sign up for a free spot in our May 22nd online event right now, before we close down public access, you’ll receive all 3 videos…

…even if you don’t attend our event!

Sign up below for your free spot and get access to all 3 of these videos to prepare you for our 2019 Crash Summit on May 22nd.

And one more thing…

During our emergency briefing on May 22nd, for the first time ever, Jeff will reveal a 5-minute shortcut to using his technique in a mass public announcement…

…so that you can walk away from this event with the chance to begin making money immediately.

Jeff has never done anything quite like this. He even refused to share this shortcut with Wall Street banks who offered him a fortune.

An intensely private man who lives in seclusion above San Francisco, Jeff hates all forms of publicity… and hates discussing his success.

So we urge you not to miss this rare opportunity.


All you have to do is tune in to this event from any computer, tablet, or smartphone on May 22nd at 8 PM ET.

At that time, you’ll go to a secure website that will ONLY be shared with you if you enter your email address in the box below today.

See you on May 22nd!

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