For 36 Years, Jeff Clark Has Made a Fortune Trading Options.
But Now, He’s Holding a Special Trading Event to Reveal:

How To Make More Money Than You Can
With Options — Trading A Group Of Tiny Stocks

“I’ve discovered a group of tiny, explosive stocks that options traders
can’t access… yet they’re some of the most lucrative securities you’ll ever find.
Join me as I discuss my system for trading them.” — Jeff Clark

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Dear Reader,

Trading legend Jeff Clark is putting on his first-ever stock trading event to reveal…

The S-Force Method: How to Make More Money Than You Can With Options — Trading A Group of Tiny Stocks…

And if you’d like to find out how to trade tiny, $1 stocks and potentially walk away with as much as $4,550… $15,900… and even $30,050 per trade — without using options — you’ll want to register immediately.

Why Now?

You see, for the past 36 years, Jeff’s helped all kinds of people retire rich using options.

But over the past 18 months, he’s started targeting a small group of stocks… and the results have been amazing.

During his testing, he spotted stocks that went on to soar as high as 60%, 90%, 236%, 308%, and even 600% — in very little time.

Now, for or the first time, he’s ready to share his strategy with you.

By registering today, you get an in-depth, on-camera event, where Jeff will show you:

  • Why he’s started actively recommending stocks for the first time in his career
  • A small group of stocks — which options traders can’t access — that can be more lucrative than options
  • His system for spotting the best ones
  • And his 3 favorite trade setups he’s watching right now — including names and ticker symbols

Plus, we have several more surprises waiting for you!

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This Event Is for Everyone

If you’re an options trader, you’ll discover a group of tiny, explosive stocks that are unavailable to options traders. The only way you can profit from them is by trading the stocks.

If you’re a stock trader, you’ll discover a more explosive way to trade — the exact method Jeff’s used to find stocks that went on to soar as high as 600%.

And if you’ve never traded before, you’ll discover that stock trading can be much easier — and more lucrative — than you ever thought possible.

Feedback on
Jeff’s coaching

“Jeff, I have been with you only 6 weeks but, my god, your intuition, advice, and personable messages are downright awesome!”

— David B.

“Thank you for the educational opportunity!”

— Tony C.

“Your material is the first thing I read every day the market is open. I can’t thank you enough for the insights you provide.”

— Ray D.

“Jeff, you are the very first email I open every morning for guidance... you are incredible... not hype, just a sensitive and realistic view... you are a pleasure in a world of excessive hype.”

— Pam D.

“I was a broker at a major wirehouse for nearly 50 years. I want to compliment Jeff Clark for having a readable great service… as to opposed to all the garbage that I get emails about or I see on Facebook. Thank you, Jeff Clark. Use my name or my initials as much as you like.”

— Mike C.

Feedback on Jeff’s
trade recommendations

“Turned $1,500 in to $4,350 in 6 days. I bought these on May 28 and sold on June 4th. Thanks for a great trade!”

— Bruce M.

“Just wanted to say thanks to Jeff on his TEVA recommendation today. Great trade — ended up $10,000 for the day. Love your work, Jeff.”

— Dave G.

“I am only trading your refs for one month (June) but have had spectacular success.”

— Thomas P.

“I am new to your service and have done well with your recommendations. So far, I have not taken a loss which is impressive.”

— Scott G.

“Hello Jeff, I joined your service less than a week ago and have just sold half of my first trade: Bought at 0.5979 and sold at 1.48. I believe that would add up to 235%. Not bad for a first trade. Thank you, and please keep them coming.”

— Medhat D.

Jeff’s Resume

  • Began trading as a teenager
  • Started an options trading money-management firm in his twenties — the only one of its kind, that we know of
  • His clients included many of California’s wealthy, including Silicon Valley executives, vice presidents, professional athletes, and more
  • Retired at 42, but soon began sharing his ideas with everyday readers through his various research services
  • Went on to become one of the most popular trading gurus in our industry, with thousands joining his research services every month
  • Today, he’s sharing his latest trading breakthrough — a way to make even more money than you can with options, using nothing but stocks.

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Simply enter your email below for free access:

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